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Thread: Uninstalling linux

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    Uninstalling linux

    May seem funny with my name being linuxelite and all, but I'm moving up to BSD for my server, and I need to uninstall redhat 6, which coexists with my win98. I'm wondering how to uninstall redhat, as fdisk does not recognize it. Thanks.

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    Im sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but I think if you moved this thread out of general chit chat and into a more *nix type forum that you might get a quicker response.

    Cheers, and good luck.
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    You could use one of the million or so partition programs to kill the partition and start over with the BSD installation. I personally have never installed BSD, but I would think that BSD would have it's own partitioning section and would allow you to toast the linux partition during install? Don't know for sure, but I would think that would be an option.....

    Did some searching before posting this message:
    Apparently BSD has a partition program itself called pfdisk. Couldn't you boot up with a BSD boot disk and use pfdisk to partition the linux space for the BSD install?

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    Two options. Boot off the RedHat CD and remove the Linux Partition and reboot. Or, boot off the FreeBSD boot Disk and remove the partition on install. Also, remember to install the BSD bootloader or your system will be unbootable.
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