is it just me or has there been an uprising of a new religion lately? starting back away, in the day of copernicus and galileo. heck, it started even way before that. it started when man (and woman) stopped accepting things based on faith, and asked why? people stopped turning to religion to answering questions, and deided to do their own research. this has been around for a while, but i see more and more of it appearing in recent times. i dont know if its because the faiths no longer punish the practice as heresy punishable by death, or if mankind has become more questioning. is it science that is the new religion? i couldnt say, but i will say that a lot of people are believing nowadays in what has been proven through science. is it mankind's drive to quest for knowledge (more apparent in some than others) that has driven us away from religion? is the scientist the new preacher? or is it all a big conspiracy planted by the government? (who knows?)

in this post, i am not saying religion is a bad thing, or that it is obsolete, or anything negative about it, so please dont get after me for an objective post. i think that all things are good taken in moderation, including religion, so dont make a big deal of one lousy post.
after all, Voltaire said "If there were no god, then it would be necessary to invent him."