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    Unhappy How can I hide my IP?

    Hey guys...

    i hope you can help me by giving me information about ips and how i can keep myself( and my computer) anonymous in the internet.

    how can i hide my ip address? what ports should i look out to see if im being scanned?

    Any relevant info would be sooo much help!


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    I'm not really sure on how to hide your ip address, but as far as your ports are concerned. If you don't already have a firewall then I would suggest getting one. With the Firewall you can find out if you have been scanned and what they scanned.

    Sorry I couldn't help you out with hiding your IP.

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    You can use a public proxy server to hide your ip from websites you visit.
    You configure it in the "options/configure" section of your web browser.

    You can still be tracked down, but not as easily.

    http://www.stayinvisible.com/index.html is a good place to start.

    This has been discussed many times in the forums of AO, so just do a search.

    Google will also turn up huge amounts of info on proxy servers.

    I will briefly explain how to configure it in IE and netscape/mozilla

    Tools --> internet options --> connections --> lan settings --> uncheck automatically find --> check off use proxy type in proxy address and port it is running on

    It is similar in netscape/mozilla. It can be found in
    edit --> preferences --> advanced --> proxy settings

    This will only work for your web browser, everything else (ssh, telnet, ping, etc.) will have your real IP on that. To hide your IP completely, you will need a proxy client.

    Check out my post in this thread. It deals with proxy chaining. Basically going through your ip, to another ip, to another ip, etc.

    Nothing too fancy.

    Just remember... you can almost always be traced down if someone wants to find you.
    If someone has a public proxy... you can bet the farm that they are logging you. Just in case they get a knock on the door from the authorities... If they are not... they are really dumb.

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    wow .. great link phishphreek80. i sallut you, thanks for the information mate.
    keep on it ...

    1. Absolute anonymous Internet surfing
    2. No trace-back possible
    3. Automatically updated proxy-database
    4. Possibility to check proxies for availability
    5. LAN-Gateway with Content Control
    6. New identity on every website you open
    7. Protects you from data-spying
    nice mate ...

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    Hi everyone.

    I would just like to add my opinion on this. I agree that what phishphreek80 has said is a possible solution. But if your a windows user, then there are ways of seeing your real ip. An example is if you connect to msn chat, whilst logging in, your real ip is displayed, not the proxied one. If your in a lan connecting to the internet, then it would even show your 192.168.x.x ip. Windows broadcasts your real IP address. In addition to this, thats not what proxies are made for. I personally call this solution an abuse of proxies. The other thing that might happen then is, since you behind a proxy or any other form of anonymity, your security gets weak, since you think that being anonymous will keep you safe. Then you will not bother to use real security (security through obscurity). I would really consider actually securing your computer first as well as you can, and at the very end add the proxy use as a little extra. But make sure that your computer is safe without the use of any proxies. Just incase the proxy has problems, then at least you have some sort of security. Like cheyenne1212 said, a firewall is a start. Also get a programm called adaware that will scan you computer for "rats".

    My point is dont rely on anonymity for security. Anonymity is not security. Have a general look here on AO what you can come up with when it comes to securing your computer. Let me give you a little but simple list of what is essential when it comes to security. From there on, use google and AO to get the details on how to setup and manage each one.

    1 - Firewall

    2 - Antivirus

    3 - Backups

    4 - Strong Passwords

    5 - Updates and patches

    6 - Logging

    7 - Actually read the logfiles

    The reason why im not going into much detail here on each point is because i have answered this many times before on AO and so have others. So use AO's search feature and also use the tutorials forums to get the fine detail.

    Oooops, before i forget. Another reason why using someone elses proxy server is not a good idea when it comes to security. Since you using someone elses proxy (someone elses computer) all the information goes through there. So that owner of the proxy server could easily see what your actions are. Many proxy servers belong to the government acting as "traps" to see what your really doing. Its madness to trust a proxy server that you find on the net. If i were the proxy server that you are using, all i would need is a sniffer to actually read all your steps. Now you would say "but what if its encrypted what i do", then i would just say "bwahahaha, so what, there are ways of breaking encryption."

    Take my advice and forget about the anonymity thing. Its doesnt offer any security.

    Good luck.

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    Instronics the last paragraph prevented me from a serious mistake -using public proxy-. Firstly i would have written "fatal" mistake above, but in Greece you are not in such danger as u are on US and elsewhere with imporved tech.

    There is also a programme called Anonymizer. A friend of mine has used it and he had some problems but it worked. The programme in a way was transmitting unreal IP.

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    instronics: You make some VERY good points. I have though about this before.

    If I'm doing something personal, I won't use a proxy.

    I will use them at school and in places that they restrict what you can get to on the web...
    As far as I'm concerend... thats about the only good public proxies do.

    Now... if you are setting up a proxy at home or work... that is a whole other story.
    They are good for defense, filtering and take some stress off your connection... amongst other things. Just make sure you set it up right...

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    phishphreek80 , yes, exactly. But that takes away the subject for anonymity totally. Like you said, proxies are used for other things, not to be anonymous. Indeed to have your own proxy server can be very usefull for your own security as in Application Level Firewalls, URL control and even bandwidth control (upto a certain extend), aswell as controlling what may enter or leave the LAN from/to an untrusted network.

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    If you want to hide your ip address so that you don't get scanned, you not thinking in the proper security stance. Your best posture would be simply to secure your machine, and leave the kiddies scan all they want. Really what you want to do is disable services that are not required, implement some type of packet filtering/ firewall. Make sure remote logon's are disabled, disable trust relationships that are not on your private network, disable/remove any accounts that shouldn't be there, chose strong alpha-numeric passwords with special and non-printable characters. This should keep the home user surfing reasonable safe, especially if your using a dial up connection.

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    Going far away, if you as me, are on a enterprice network and doen't wanth the network admin now the pages you are visiting and how many MB of band width are you using, I prefer to use an Spoofer. A too that hides youre real ip address over local an external networks.

    The thing is that is not too easy to find a good one.

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