Hi folks,
Africa is a fast growing platform for information technology with every
office networked with internet connections etc

The next question is security which is not enhance in Africa in Ghana
forestance i can't mention any computer security company i have come

Organisations like banks and others with sensitive data must secure
themselves with the help of professionals.

I need partners in the security sector to join our hands to establish a
one-stop firm to gain monopoly in the sub-sahara Africa and then expand
to all countries in Africa.

Services to offer are

Security Consultancy

Forensic Auditing

Firewall Implementation

Intrusion Detection implementation

Web Server Security

Conferences on Security with Guest Speakers

Security Training

LAN/WAN Configuration

This is a great opportunity, Anyone interested should reply my mail.

Ghana is a beautifull place with everything you think of Rich Africa
culture, Tourist Attraction sites, Beaches etc Your safety is also

If you doubt don't hesitate to check the World Fact Book on the CIA
website on Ghana or Africa or Ghana Consulate in US.

This is the best investment in the growing information age.



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E-MAIL: detectware@yahoo.com