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Thread: Tracing IP Address?

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    Tracing IP Address?

    Hey, little question.

    I got dared by this friend of mine to find his home address using only his IP. I got his IP from a web site he visited, used this program called HotWhoIs to trace it down. But it only let me get so far as his ISP. So I've got his City, State and Zip code, but that program won't let me get any closer than that.

    I could just look him up in the phone book for that area, but I'm only supposed to use his IP. Besides, he's got a common last name.

    Any advice?

    By the way, I checked the boards for hours trying to find advice about this. So if I'm reposting old info, I'm sorry, I really did try not to.
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    Online Reverse Directory phone books.

    Besides, when an attacker does it, they will use the phone book.
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    There is no way to trace him further without contacting his ISP, and they will only relay their customer information if you have a very valid reason, court order, or if you are the police...

    If the IP is linked to a domain name, you can check the domain registry... all domain names have admin/tech contacts with email, street addresses, country and phone numbers

    one of the easiest ways to check if there is a domain running is to type the IP into the header of a browser (thus using the IP only rule you spoke of in your post)... then if your lucky you will get a domain name...

    Hope it helps

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    Yah its pretty hard to trace further then his isp, cheat, use the phone book. lol
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