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Thread: How do I know that I am being watched over network?

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    How do I know that I am being watched over network?

    i need help!

    My computer is connected to Internet 8 hours everyday except sunday, and i've noticed that every time I shutdown my computer someone is connected to it. Am I being hacked? or whos watching me? I never shared my files or folders, but still someone being connected on my computer.

    I need someone to help how to get rid of this.

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    Run an Anti-Virus to look for programs like 'NetBus' or 'Back Orifice'. Install a firewall like Sygate, ZoneAlarm, or Black Ice. Question.....what port are 'they' connected to ?

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    How do you know that someone is connected to your computer? Which port? port 80?

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    ... when shutdown my computer someone is being connected, I don't know what ports he/she uses to gain accessed on my computer. I tried to install zone alarm to detect whos spying, and still no effects and seems someone is hacking my computer. I don't know what to do... with this. Any advice pls. Thanks

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    First What OS are you running.. sounds like Win 9x/me
    While you could be a victim of something. it may be just a setting/programm setup
    Is your computer connected to a lan?

    If your not.. Are any of your folders setup for sharing? if yes why? don't answer Disable sharing now if there is..
    If you are part of a LAN, make sure that "File and Printer Sharing" is disabled on your internet/dial up connection..

    Further to some of the other good advice.. Get a hold of The Cleaner from Moosoft.com or even Spybot S&D.. Give them a run.. even check out what is running with "Process Explorer", this may even help You learn something as well as help find any sus stuff..

    Oh and while all this is going on, don't have your computer connected to either the internet or the LAN..

    see how you go..

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    You mean you see a windows popup stating that someone is connected and will lose his/her connection if you shut down ??

    In that case you can be sure you are being watched.. you run windows, the worlds best distributed trojan ever !!
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    This is typical on a LAN where you have the shared printer on the machine that gives you this error message. If someone has printed to the machine it seems to keep a persistent connection which throws up this warning if you restart that print station.\

    Does this ring a bell?
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    To further this, if you are indeed on a LAN and you are doing any kind of file sharing - for example, you have a directory on your machine where you share MP3 files with all the users on the LAN, then if you shut that machine down while another machine on the LAN is listening to one of those MP3's, you would get this message... It's one possibility.. However, to be quite honest, this sounds as if your machine is configured improperly and essentially left wide open for access via the Internet.. If I had to take a guess, your NetBIOS settings are allowing open access to your machine.. This is all too common.. Take the steps that have been listed in this thread and see what you've got after all that...
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    You should def. disable file/print share.

    I would check which ports and who is connecting to you.

    from a command prompt/dos prompt...

    use the "netstat" command to find out who.

    You can use "net share" to see what you are sharing.

    Fport from foundstone is a good one to see which applications and what ips/ports are being used.

    Active ports is also a good one and will show you in real time the connections to your machine.

    Everyone above gave great suggestions for you too. Run virus/trojan scanners like they said.

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    Just a little tidbit that may help you incase your runnig Win. XP.

    If you have multiple user accounts setup on one machine, and somebody doesnt explicitly "log off" their account (meaning not just going to "switch user") it will display a message that sounds similar to what you are experiancing.

    Next time before you shut down, assuming your running XP, do a ctrl+alt+delete>processes and see if your account that you logged in under is the only on in the process list. If you see processes that say "SYSTEM" "NETWORK SERVICE" "LOCAL SERVICE", dont worry, as thats a normal happening in XP.

    Hope this helps,

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