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Thread: over-negativity

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    theres one thing that ive seen that really bothers me about the anipoints system, and thats the trend that there is a lot of negativity going around, like people only taking time to put negative antipoints but not bothering to take a second to rate a good post. i know that the system is well written and tries to combat this, but i think another flaw is that most, if not all of the power is with experienced members. while this is probably a good thing, it leads to a lot of newbie bashing, because they ask a question, and maybe break an unwritten rule or forgets some etiquette procedure and get slammed by an experienced member who doesnt like seeing stuff (s)he doesnt like. ill probly get negged for this post (maybe some joker thinks its ironic) but i think its a serious flaw in the system, because the only way to get more experience is to do and to ask. i do think its important to not be redundant, but give somebody a break, its just as easy to just tell them theyre doing something wrong if they dont know any better.
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    Well, TapnAP,

    You're right about the AP-system having some flaws, but that cannot be the main reason to be here, although it is for lots of newbies, members....
    The time I've been here, I really enjoyed here, cause I learned a damn lot.
    Everyone gets negged sometimes.... face it.. just enjoy learning from most members who care of teaching and stuff.
    The real members who care will help you, and will give positives if you earn it, and won't neg without a reason.

    Btw, I think this one should be in GCC :P

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    TaPnAP...I can't help but notice that you appear to be furthering this type of activity yourself given the position of your "tends to assign" meter. If you investigate a bit further, you will find most members give out positive points, not negative ones. Step back, take time to figure out WHY you are getting negs and then take the appropriate action needed to keep it from happening again. In other words, read some posts that are extremely positive and emulate them.

    Reading your past posts, I don't see any signs of "negging" anywhere, which makes your post above that much more confusing. I will tell you, however, that if you do not edit your mood and quit complaining about the AP's, you will surely get many more negs than the FEW you have now. Complaining about negs is the BEST way to get MORE OF THEM.
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    allenb1963, sorry to shoot you down, but the "tends to assign" defaults to the most negative for some strange reason...theres not much that can be done bout it coz they can'y gie out AP's yet....but once they do...it should go back to normal...

    Any how...yes..there has been alot of Newbie bashing....and I think that a little is good, coz it weeds out the ppl who care from those who simply want to know how to hack their friend and then leave again.....but it REALLY shouldn't get outa hand....so ppl, try not to give Neg's to a post thats already dropping.....one or two negative hit's from some seniors is often all it takes ot make a nasty dent.......oh well....just my two cents....

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    Forgetting about the ethics of the whole AP system, I've never liked how much leverage I've had in assigning points. Like for example, I may think a post is good, but I don't intend it to be extremely positive or extremely negative. Only 25% of the time I click the button does it not go into one extremity or another. I think it would be a more fair ideal to give out fractions of points...like say: This post is worth 25% of my leverage of AP, so I would give it a positive, but not an extreme, the same with a neg, so I don't accidentally ban a person. (That would so suck!)

    Personally, I don't want to be responsible for banning someone, just because my points add up. Are we even keeping the AP system around?

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    in response to allenb: sorry, but noia is right, i dont have enough 'leverage' to actually assign antipoints yet, and through some bug, my meter is set all the way negative for 'tends to assign' even though i cant assign any yet.
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