Howto Make Desktop Items?
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Thread: Howto Make Desktop Items?

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    Howto Make Desktop Items?

    I was wondering if it was possible to make my own icons for things on my desktop. If there is a way then what is it. I would be very thankful if someone informed me of how to do this or where I could find out how to do this. Thanks to repliers in advance


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    Yeah you can change them

    Click on the link provided to find out.,00.html

    .Hope that helps ya.
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    NO NO NO NO... thats not what I meant. Thank you for trying, but you misunderstood my question. I was asking how I could make my own, not use the ones that the computer gives me.

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    I used Microangelo in the past and loved it.

    Microangelo 5.5

    Microangelo provides a total solution for Windows software developers, graphic designers, and home users. You can create and edit icons in all image formats, including Windows XP. You can create and edit cursors and animated cursors, and access and organize icon libraries with four viewing modes. You can edit or replace icon images in any type of executable file, as well as browse drives and folders. Locate and access icons in any file type.

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    Actually, you can make them with paint. Make a 256 color bitmap that's 32x32 or 16x16 pixels and save it as a .ico file.
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    I used to play around in Microangelo, but after I found IconWorkshop, there's no way I'm going back. You should check it out. It's easy to use and packed full of features. You can also convert Mac icons to XP format, which really rocks.

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