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Thread: Installing GRUB after updating windows

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    Unhappy Installing GRUB after updating windows

    I just updated to a newer version of windows and it overwritten the boot sector of my hard drive. Unfortunatly this screwed up GRUB. I have a boot disk but I have no idea if the boot disk loads my old kernal image or what. If it is booting the old kernal image, how do I set up the floppy to boot the new kernal. I prefer to set up grub again but if I have to stick with the floppy disk, then so be it. If someone can please help me out, it would be great. I created the boot disk during initial installation and I'm using Redhat linux 8.0.
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    Why don't you just re-install linux (I'm assuming linux) You need to elaborate a little more on your problem, there's no such thing as too much information.
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    You don't have to reinstall Linux. Just boot from a boot floppy if you have one. Otherwise, boot off the Linux CD and type root=/dev/hdax (where hdax is your Linux partition) and boot it. Then, log in as root and type /sbin/grub . That'll do it.

    Note: I don't remember whether it's /sbin/grub or /bin/grub . So if /sbin/grub doesn't work, try /bin/grub.
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    The command to reinstall grub is grub-install, that is /sbin/grub-install.
    Boot from your rescue floppy and issue that command.

    You may need to edit /etc/grub.conf if you have made any OS changes, but if you
    just reinstalled the same windows version on the same drive as before, probably not.
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