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    Question wich is the best software firewall ???

    iŽd like to know wich are your favorite software firewall for win or linux

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    i would recommend either TINY Firewall, (...because it's so damn tiny!) or Sygate, as they're both...FREE!!!!
    and good, i might add.
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    OK, first of all, Tiny isn't free anymore. It hasn't been since version 2. So at the moment I use Kerio Personal Firewall which is similar to Tiny, but free. I've heard that Sygate is good too, but I've had problems with it. However, I don't know anyone else who has, so it might just be me. These two and ZoneAlarm seem to be the best three free personal firewalls around. As for Linux, learn to set up iptables. It's more customizable than any other firewall package out there.
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    I running Win 2000 Adv Server. it's hard enought to manage the Firewall ( Norton ) at the first time . I don't think that you will find a combination package suitable for Advanced Server. You may also find that a software firewall gets hard to manage as you connect more nodes to your server.
    And i also included Norton Professional is the standard AV software for the enterprise or Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition (Win2000-adv). I recommend it highly. Zone Alarm is a powerful free firewall, but it must be mastered.

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    well I personally use zone alarm pro and its pretty good and yes it must be mastered but after you have it gets easy

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    My personal feeling for Windows firewall, is defintely Sygate....
    It has a bunch of options, and doesnŽt slow down your system much, like NF2003 does.

    The logs in Sygate are good, and also the appz and rulez control are good....

    Btw, IŽm sure there were more firewaal posts, but I donŽt seem to find them ...
    I've had this more times since the take-over, did they dump a lot of posts ????

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    IPTABLES is excellent. Better than any zone alarm or similar. Its the only way to get real detailed rules setup.

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    hello ,

    I use VIsnetic Firewall ( pakcet inspection firewall ) .
    to the others . sorry I will not offend you :
    zonealarm -> crap, forget it.
    tiny firewall -> it was a very good one ( IT WAS !! ) verison 2.x was free and today it can be easily penetrated
    kerio firewall -> is a similar firewall to tiny . BUT this little bugger is a phone home firewall. it tries to connect to a chzechoslovakian ip , even if you do not want to update or the update funktion is disabled. I had a dispute with the kerio firewall programmer , he told me that if I switch the update funktion off, it will not phone home.
    BUT : with my conseal firewall I found out , that kerio firewall STILL connects to his home ip!!

    conseal firewall -> greatest firewall but not available anymore ( the visnetic company took signal9 over) so visnetic firewall is nothing else than a conseal firewall with easyer handling

    so here my advice :

    visnetic firewall for packet inspection, ( software) plus
    trendmicro gatelock firewall ( hardware ) for cable or dsl connections


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    Sygate is definitley my choice of FW too

    The only negative thing about it IMHO is that it lacks some options in the log, and the rules-handeling is kind of akward.

    But as previously said, It has almost no inpact on system performance, its easy to configure, even rules for specific ports and such and it works with anything and everything.
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    Personally I like something like Coyote Linux as my firewall. Because that can act as an Internet router/gateway and also be your server, plus it's Linux and you just need a working 486 computer with only a floppy drive and two ethernet cables (or ether and modem, etc)! I'm not a big *nix fan when it comes to my every day computer, but for Internet and general security usage *nix is the best! I just find that Coyote seems to be easy to deal with, plus it has an installer that can be used on a Windows plateform to setup the bootable server disk.
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