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Thread: How to go about getting a new motherboard?

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    How to go about getting a new motherboard?

    ok, i've been wanting to get a new motherboard and eventually a new processor, but i'm going for the motherboard first. What are all the things i need to check? I am gonna leave everything as is and am only getting a new motherboard. I need to make sure its the same kinda RAM, processor slot, IDE, and a faster bus speed than my last MB. Am i forgetting anything else, like can i use the same powersupply? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    No you cant use the same kind of power supply, check if your old power suppy is for AT or ATX, the connection is different?

    Also you need to look for these things:-

    -Number of onboard USB you'll need,

    -Do you want onboard VGA, Sound, Modem etc

    -Number of expansion slots , i.e ISA, PCI, AGP (check for speed supported)

    -Number of onboard EIDE required (is Ultra DMA 33/66/100/133 Connectors
    etc supported)

    - What is the maximum cpu speed supported for future upgrading

    other stuff you might go for is:-

    Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface(ACPI)
    Built-in Wake on LAN header
    Built-in Wake on Ring header
    Built-in IrDA TX/RX header

    Good Luck


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    It would help if you could get us more information... Does your current motherboard have some sort of product code? Like "Intel 440BX" or something?
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    this would help

    this site has info and deals for m/b


    hope this helps

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    If you're starting with the mobo, you'd have to make sure it supports your current memory, eg SDRAM. Many new mobos are moving to DDR RAM, such as 2100 or 2700. If you're upgrading slowly, I'd go for a bundled package with mobo, processor and RAM all supplied together. This way, they're optimised for each other. Consequently, it might be better to save up your cash a bit longer and get a bundle. But I know how cash burns a hole in your pocket.

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    In reply to Terr i have a motherboard from a compaq presario 5000 series, the serial number on the HP site is 191767-102 but i went there and they really didnt have any thing spec wise. I know this is kinda off the subject but what are some good computer hardware stores online or comparison sites? Thanks

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    Tigerdirect has a good catalog showing mobo/processor/ram matching. Then you have to also worry about your case. A new mobo may not physically fit in your current case. So allow for a new case, which will come with a new PS (for as low as $40)


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