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Thread: retaliate to hacking attempts?

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    Cool retaliate to hacking attempts?

    Hey everybody i want to know how you retaliate to hacking attempts if you retaliate to them

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    This should be a interesting thread.... *sigh* Hands robo3245 some flame retardant material.
    you may need this.
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    You can tell that he tried to word the question so that it doesnt immediatly seem ( on a first glance) that its a how do i hack question.....

    least he has the smats[sic] of a 12 yr old who has asked the same question and been flamed for it before

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    Re: retaliate to hacking attempts?

    Originally posted here by robo3245
    Hey everybody i want to know how you retaliate to hacking attempts if you retaliate to them
    This is not a smart move. For a few reasons.

    The first, how do you know who "attacked" you is, in fact, the one who attacked you? IP Spoofing does exist and if you retaliate you may attack an innocent.

    In addition, by going after the attacker you are really doing something no better than he/she is -- it's illegal. So why put yourself at risk? Be smart. Have logs. Submit them to the police (local, state, federal -- whatever branch deals best with Cybercrime) and have them follow up. Contact the attackers ISP and inform them. They can take steps to disable his service (few ISPs want to live with the reputation that ISPs like AOL and @Home earned -- Script Kiddie Havens).

    I hope this helps you a little more
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