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Thread: Evil Administrator

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    ofcpurse, thwe admin may be somewha feeling more insecure about his network, or sometimes, due to the saddistic feelings or sometimes want to dominate others to say in othher words, he feels that he is the ultimate and no one should break his network and to ensure this, sometimes he will disable even the basic features and confirm his act.
    but most of the times we should not mistake the admin as he is always trying to secure the network, ofcourse leaving those exceptional extrapride people, others will be good.

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    Churba and robo, if you two are kids then you really should start thinking about things in the bigger picture. I guess my last post really didn't kick in yet huh? Moving down the path of the darkside will only get you guys into bigger trouble. I mean come on, what would make you see all of this, do you need to watch the beginning of the movie "Hackers" to understand the facts of life. Using a computer isn't all about "being in control", being able to crack someone's password or code to get around the problem, it's about using the computer as a tool that has many features. As was said above, don't you think that maybe because of what you two have been doing has lead to the whole "lock down" on the computers at school? Plus I do have to ask again, if you guys are so good why bother with the computers at school... what does it do for you? Are the school admins trying to frame you for somethign and you need to "hack them" to get information to prove you are innocent of the crimes you're being charged with? If not, then why is it so "cool" that you went and "modified" the school's website?

    You admitted to your age, then understand that you are still "children" learning. You are old enough to know right from wrong, but you are not old enough to understand how it is in the real world. Stuff like what you have done, and are trying to do, could get you locked up for a few years. Computer crimes are getting stronger and stronger sentences. Look at the 11 year old kid that changed his grade in the grading system on his teacher's computer... that could be you guys.

    If you're going to have such a know-how of computers, then you should also grow up and understand the power you have. Doing what you've done, is it really that important or "cool"? Sure everyone who is better at computers than their high school admin has probably done a little something bad. Learning experience, nothing bad happened. So why don't you stop before it's too late, use you're skills for good and maybe help that admin out. Maybe you can help your admin to give the students what they want, but be able to keep people with computer skills from doing what you two have done? Hack the hackers, you can still use your skills and maybe even get some added "perks" at school?

    Knowing computers can give you a lot of added perks at school if you use them for good. For all you know maybe you will be trusted with passwords and such if you show you're not going to abuse your power.

    But for now all you guys are going to be is lamers, because you haven't done anything cool... and hacking isn't "cool" with anyone like us. All you look like is stupid little kids who will probably be in jail come your 18th birthday (if you're lucky) with this way of life.
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    I agree @ AciDriveHB totally. Well said.

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    whoever said anything about the admins letting us sign on using admin accounts? where did that come from? your ass, perhaps?
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    well i only just go here and couldn`t be arsed to read through 6 pages of posts so i`ll come right in.

    i dunno what the network is, if i did this could help, i`ll go with windows.

    now i`ll say one way (the old way nowadays heh with all these tools and shix) google for the windows policy editor. this can be found on the windows95 installation CD too (if u have it) if not look on the net. then search the net for .adm files, 'restrictions.adm' was the one i had fun with and which covers most stuff, so aim for that.

    on the network open up the policy editor, then within that open up 'restrictions.adm' and run, it`ll show the network settings which u can (dis/en)able, e.g. 'change background', (either a tick the checkbox for enable or tick for disable, one of those) and basically there'll be about 100 things there u can play with, which will give u access to IE settings, network settings (mainly small stuff like games, sending msgs etc) and give u access to the control panels, being able to modify etc too, also u can choose to have the settings stick to the terminal of just ur user or to go back to default after logout, i`d suggest the latter.

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    People are actially quite stupid, they complaint about not being able to personalise the computers at school.. they find a way around the security.. THEN complaint when the computer stop working..

    If only all admin were like BOFH, then stupid users would learn.. Mwahaha !!
    Missing em ol BBS' days!
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    Originally posted here by Virtus
    People are actially quite stupid, they complaint about not being able to personalise the computers at school.. they find a way around the security.. THEN complaint when the computer stop working..

    If only all admin were like BOFH, then stupid users would learn.. Mwahaha !!
    lol man the spelling and grammar errors in this thread could qualify the hole damn thing as bash.org material, and yay @ bastard OFH (lets not forget bastard sys admin from michigan now either )

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    Have you tried exporting the pic into paint then in paint going to file set as wallpaper

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    yes tried that ne other suggestions?

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    I spend most of my time at school on my computer and I still have the same old green-blue backround....are school dosnt block that but how cares its a backround. I am doing stuff on the computer so I cant see it and it dosnt mean anything to me. So why in gods name is it so important to change the backround? I dont see a point to this!

    I just read what AciDriveHB wrote and I agree. I am still in high school and my school admin knows alot but me and a few other (tim_axe) help him out with alot of stuff, I have all the admin password even to the server and thats because he can trust me! Trust can go along way...try it youll get alot ferther with a password then you will if you try to hack it.

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