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    NMap 3.20 released

    Latest version of NMap has been released.


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    Is NmapWin updated also?

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    nmap win is still 1.3.1 which is still dated november 2002...

    but thanks for the info.

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    i'm playing with it right now...
    some new options i've noticed...

    "-6" is the only difference that i can see... uses IPv6 instead of IPv4
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    thanks for the info-downloading as i type!!!!
    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away-tool

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    w000t the IPv6 patch is in the stable branch now !!

    this rocks !!

    many people have IPv6 enabled and NO IPv6 firewall !!!
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    the_JinX: How would you check if its (ipv6) is enabled on a win machine ?

    My other question:
    Is it possible to hack nmap to always show some ports are open ? (I reckon it is since it is open source.)
    And what file do you have to check to see if that is the case.

    I have been performing some scans from a box that I do not own, actually it is a public linux computer. But practicly every scan comes back with subseven port filtered and bo filtered.

    d0ppelg@nger::thanks for the link

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    From Fyodor's web site, changelog:


    o The random IP input option (-iR) now takes an argument specifying
    how many IPs you want to scan (e.g. -iR 1000). Specify 0 for the old
    neverending scan behavior.

    o Fixed a tricky memory leak discovered by Mugz (mugz@x-mafia.com).

    o Fixed output truncation problem noted by Lionel CONS (lionel.cons@cern.ch)

    o Fixed a bug that would cause certain incoming ICMP error messages to
    be improperly ignored.

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