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    Chit-Chat Forum

    Alright...I know there are alot of ppl who don't like having to go through the Chit-Chat forums and such....and I would like to say the following....y not make an Option where by you could turn it on or off...just like the Addicts forum filter...that way every body would be happy....I for one know I like all the Tech humour and Chit-chat.....

    Oh well.....ma 2 cents

    - Noia
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    I haven't been on AO for too long, but I do support Noia's opinion, I feel the suggestion would be a valuable function to AO's users.
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    I like the chit chat forum as well, it makes complete the feeling of community for me. I think that an option to view or not view the GCC forum would be a great idea.
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    I like your idea noia. I hope you don't mind that I expand the notion a bit by suggesting that adding a level of customization which allows members to choose which forums are displayed on their version of the homepage would be FABULOUS.

    Demanding bunch of whiners, aren't we??
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    If you don't like General Chit-Chat, you probably don't care much for the General Discussion Forums in general, and these forums have a great built in feature that I don't think many use or know about. They can expand and contract. So if you click the little minus sign next to where it says General Discussion Forums, they will contract, and they will stay that way everytime you log in. That way, you don't even have to look at the forums if you don't want to. And it works for every category. I have the newsgroups contracted, just because they're mostly dead and I don't care for them as part of the site too much, so I don't even bother with them.

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    Noia , allenb1963,

    Nice suggestions, especially the add from allenb1963 looks fabulous.
    Well, I would like to be able to adjust what I wanna see, but heh who are we, no

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