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Thread: Which type of Linux to choose?

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    Question Which type of Linux to choose?

    I have been trying to get Linux on my computer now for the past two weeks or so. Other than all of my problems with fdisk and trying to find other partition helpers that were for free, I am now also faced with the problem of which type of Linux to get. I have three major choices to choose from: Redhat, SuSe, and Mandrake. I'm torn between which one I should get and wanted to ask people who would know a lot about Linux. I want to know what is the best one for a begginer like me, but still is great for when I want to learn more advanced things. Thanks to everyone in advance...


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    Linux is Linux is Linux is Linux. They all use or can use the same kernel base. The difference is in the custom utilities they may incorporate. Also they all have access to different shells, bash, csh, zsh, etc.... So in terms of learning a shell, it doesn't matter what you use. Now in terms of installing programs, then you can find some diff's. Redhat has a lot of RPM support out there, as well as other distros. I personally say forget the nice install packages and just install the programs from source. You can at least control exactly where you want things installed and what packages are configured with it. I personally have used RH for years, and the install on it is pretty easy. I have heard that SuSe has some cool features also......Mandrake is basically RedHat with a different setup GUI. The GUI setup for Mandrake is really easy also.....It doesn't matter really, it's personal for everyone. The main point is just do it. You will probably go through several installs and several distros in the end.....They all support KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment, etc....and they all can have all Linux programs installed on them......

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    all the tools you need come with linux. its been my experiance that mandrake and redhat are the easiest installs. if your not really experianced with linux just go with the default settings. both installs will gage your hd and put in the partitions as they suite your system. and you wont have to make any uneducated guesses you may find as time goes on reasons to not go with the defaults but dont make your life difficult at the start just get it installed and learn what its all about.

    personally i prefer mandrake but on my box at home im running redhat because the mandrake isos were to large to fit on the cds i have. as good a reason to decide on an install as any
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    for a begginer definetively MANDRAKE 8.1 or +

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    Well, I would really suggest Suse 8.1.
    I'm also still a linux newbie and I've that Suse on my box right now, and it's very good for a former windowser to get started with.
    They have an easy install and maintenance feature, Yast2. As I've been told and experienced till now, quickly learn the command shell, it's powerfull and has a lot of features.
    In the install setup he sets up a basic distro, where you need to install some packages afterwards. For an hardcore linuxer this is annoying, but for a newbie it's nice to get to know the packages available.

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