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Thread: Trying to install Linux/XP w/o floppy drive....

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    Trying to install Linux/XP w/o floppy drive....

    Hey i have a problem.

    I have a laptop where I want to install rh linux and xp pro(dual boot). The problem is my laptop does not have a floppy drive. Does this installation process require me to have a floppy drive? If so, am I in trouble? And I guess an option would be to buy a 50 dollar usb floppy drive. But would it detect this usb floppy drive during installation?

    alright thanks again fellas


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    No U don't need a floppy.Both WinXp and Linux boot from Cd and their instalation doesn't require a floppy.

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    I'm not sure about USB detection during install( so that it could be used during install to install the OS) in Linux..that wasnt possible last time I installed Linux distro, but I havent had to install a distro in a year or so..so that might have changed.

    and as Klesk said, both Xp and most Linux distros support install from a bootable CD as long as your computer supports that. Another option for you could be FTP install..I havent done that one either, but google will help you find details on that method.

    Good luck

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    br_fusion: just a little reminder: make sure to install WinXP before you install RH.
    And about the floppy drive: I haven't had a floppy drive in any of my systems for the last 3 years. Just set your BIOS to boot from cd-rom (or even DVD in the case of SuSe) and install from there.

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