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Thread: Question About Anti-Vi Soft Definitions

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    Question Question About Anti-Vi Soft Definitions

    Hey All,

    Was going over an old laptop today and came across two viruses.
    Spanska.GR3 and HackBBS.kit
    (This is information I recieved from McAfee Anti-Vi on a full system scan)

    When heading over to both McAfee.com and Norton.com and checking the virus information, I don't get anything.

    The most similar virus information for Spanska.GR3 was Spanska.4015 (or sorts)
    (The only Spanska virii that's memory resident)

    And nothing for the HackBBS.kit (although I know it's a rootkit virii)

    So what gives? Why would the site's virus database not have viruses that their .dat definition files recognize?

    The only thing I can think of is the virus is so old that they removed it from the www database

    Am I right or does someone else know what's going on...?

    Main reason I ask this is to get full information for removal of the viruses
    (ie: registry key removals, dead files, attribed files....)

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    I was taking a look and I wonder if they found the true names of the viruses and forgot to leave their original alias. The Spanska seems related to a variant of the Happy99 virus while HackBBS is a trojan of types.
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    i think i knew about those Viruses ( Spanska.GR3 and HackBBS.kit ).
    For Spanska.GR1, Spanska.GR2, Spanska.GR3 are aliases for W32/Ska@m .
    And about HackBBS.kit is Trojan Virus, and this virus infected for EXE files.

    Have you ever tried Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition mate 7.6 servers or 8.0 ? I run that Anti-Vi on my computer ( OS Win2000 adv Svr ) .. and till now i never infected by those viruses.

    Here's an information abaout W32/Ska@m . And about HackBBS Trojan virus, perhaps you can downloah in here for the Anti_Vi. ( hope it is right to clean that virus )

    Good Luck
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    Here is some information I found at Trend Micro regarding the Spanska:


    It appears the Spanska might be the name of the Virus writter.

    Symantec had this information on the HackBBS:


    And Pest Patrol had this:


    Hope this helps.


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