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    where can i find

    where can i find a password recovery program for mac os 10.2.4


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    i have but one word:


    - Trying is the first step towards failure. the moral is never try.
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    About Password Retriever
    A day at the office can be especially frustrating when you just canít remember the password to the local database right before giving a presentation. Password Retriever will let you store and categorise thousands of passwords to everything from your voice mail to your countless e-mail accounts.

    Password Retriever offers an encoded file format so any user canít just go and peek in at your passwords using SimpleText. Also, an alternative RC4 security method is available. RC4 is a little bit slower, but a very secure (4,64, and 128 bit options available). Storing your passwords on the computer versus a piece of paper will allow you to keep your mind at ease. Never again worry about where you last put that vital slip of paper.

    Password Retriever provides a very sleek appearance manager compatible interface. After the launch of the application youíre only a double mouse click away from accessing your stored information.

    Whatís New in this Version
    - New Feature: Standard Mac OS Window menu added.
    - New Feature: Ability to change field names for each individual service.
    - New Feature: Ability to copy entire service to the clipboard.
    - New Feature: Print selected now notices all selected services, instead of just the first.
    - New Feature: Double Clicking a found service in the Find window, selects it.
    - Enhancement: Random Password Generator is now a locally floating window.
    - Enhancement: Print button in the main list converted into a Menu button.
    - Enhancement: Local Service Browser processor usage decreased by 90%.
    - Enhancement: Export now pays attention to selected services.
    - Enhancement: Services now highlight using the system specified color.
    - Enhancement: If the user has changed the Home Database which opens at startup, and it canít be found, or none was specified, no list will show when Password Retriever has been launched. Previously, a default one would have been created.
    - Enhancement: Column Widths editor in Preferences is better laid out.
    - Enhancement: Close Delay & Stealth can now be specified in exact minutes.
    - Enhancement: Category Toolbar button now aligned left.
    - Enhancement: Preferences window now uses the new toolbar.
    - Enhancement: Import window interface adjusted for efficiency.
    - Enhancement: Lots of excess code removed.
    - Enhancement: Copy options added to the Copy button on the Toolbar.
    - Enhancement: Now can change field/record delimiter only the fly, when importing.
    - Enhancement: Utility menu deleted, items moved to the File & Services menus.
    there are some others, goto Mac.com and search...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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