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Thread: TelNet options

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    Talking TelNet options

    well im new at tel net and i was wondering if anyone could tell me a little more about the commands or telnet ingeneral because i just look it up on google and i get a bunch of crap

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    Telnet - Don't use it.....period

    Move to SSH and don't ever use telnet, never, never, never......unless there is absolutely no other way to accomplish what you are trying....

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    Plus whether you "have" to use telnet, or even SSH, or a few other formats... I would highly suggest using a different app. I use a program called "putty" which handles everything, and it has a lot of options inside of that for different terminal types.

    Really a good suggestion would be to search AO to see if there are any tutorials, and also hit up google!
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    well like i said i know nothing of telnet so y these other programs??? well ill take bolth your words and use another app thx


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