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Thread: Ability to change forums

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    Ability to change forums

    I did a search for this, but couldn't find anything relavant. It would be nice when the creator of the thread could go back and edit it and have the ability to change the thread forum. You probably can request a change, but that puts a burden on the admin to do that. Again, I might have missed a search that dealt with this.....

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    Your suggestion is new, d0pperlg@nger

    You could indeed request a change, either by pm'ing one of the moderators/admins, or by using the report-button (which will automagically send an e-mail to all moderators/admins - note to some members: this button is NOT there to 'report' that you found a cool link ). If you really think you made a mistake in the choice of the forum you posted your thread in, feel free to use one of these possibilities. Most of the time, your thread would be moved anyways, without having to send a report.

    As for the users themselves being able to change the thread forum... the programming of such a feature probably isn't worth the result.
    The moderator-screen gives us the possibilities to either move a post, copy a post, or move a post with leaving a redirection in the original forum. Moving a post only takes one second. Suppose 'malicious' users would get access to those options and start copying useless threads to all forums... or move them around all the time just for the fun of it...
    The 'regular user'- and the moderator-options are clearly divided right now (with the exception of the 'edit post'-option), and my personal opinion is that that is the way it should be.

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