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Thread: A bug from CXGJarrod

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    A bug from CXGJarrod

    Guys, CXGJarrod has a problem and we have to help him, this is the PM he said me: "Are you not seeing new posts? I have posted twice and not seen my post up the thread. Just wondering if someone else was having this issue. I have tryed it in IE, mozilla and Netscape."
    Can anyone help?

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    MissMittens explained it. Here is a copy of her post.

    Originally posted here by CXGJarrod
    I posted in Web Development today and that post did not go up on the main page as a new post. It may of been just my computer, but I deleted all cache and restarted IE and it still did not work.

    It's probably this: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=241198

    Given that the Web Development forum is more geared towards web development than security, that would explain why it's not appearing on the main page.
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