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Thread: Firewall for newbies...

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    Wink Firewall for newbies...

    Well, a new way for protecting your box....

    It seems to me the safest way ... lol

    Maybe you've already seen it, but for me it was worth a new thread...

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    hahaha that was so funny. Guess that is the safest way. If you cord springs a leak.
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    hrmm... so that's what those are for.... and here I've been making balloon animals outta them for kids in the neighbourhood... They're kinda cool cuz they seem to be like lubricated or something and they pop right outta your hands...

    YAY! for 200 posts.. and what a shitty one it is.

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    LOL thats great. thats how u stop computer transmitted viruses.. no expensive software jsut gud ole trojans...ironic that a trojan could block u from a trojan. bad joke i know. i try to hard

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