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    Welcome to this new forum!

    This forum, suggested by Ms. Mittens, is for the discussion of issues such as "Browsers, Defacements, DOS, CGI, etc., all in relation to web." Hope to see some great discussions here!

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    Great. I think this is a nice idea and new forums are always a way to keep things interesting with new topics and subjects. I hope to see this new forum work out.

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    Thanks man! I used to follow defacements a lot, and now we have a place to talk about it. Great addition.

    Thanks for the suggestion MsMittens!


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    w00t, great
    I didn't notice this yet, but this is my favo security territory
    Double Dutch

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    Thx for this forum and Ms. Kittens for suggesting it.
    Hope to find some interesting topics on here.

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    Ms. Kittens!?

    Geez. I never understood why people find my handle so difficult. MsM or MsMittens or Mittens even will do fine. There is no period. Maybe it's cuz people wanna always spell something wrong with my name.
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    heh, Ms. Kittens...how cute...lol *hides from her*

    At any rate, I like the topic of this forum, really great suggestion. I've got some good topics brewing that I'd love to discuss.

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    new topics are always welcome

    and it will naturally increase the interest of the users.

    and it will be as a challenge for people who think theyhave to majke something better and do things differently,
    any way, a new forum is welcome and somegood information is awaited in this forum

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