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Thread: Staggering Question n Problem

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    Exclamation Staggering Question n Problem

    I have subscribed a cable line from a local cable ISP...
    Now, he has limited my bandwidth of the speed..huh!
    The server of the ISP runs Linux and Windows 2000 Advanced Server..When he is on linux, he uses Squid as proxy and every user gets a class C IP address with default proxy port as 3128..
    May i know how can i increase my BandWidth
    (Also, how can i hide the downloaded data limit, if i exeed it from 1GB (i.e. if i cross my limit of 1GB download..he terminates my a/c even in the middle of the month. How can i hide my data usage that he can't see my usage in his log report..)...IS THERE A WAY OUT ?????

    Secondly, how can i spoof(or hide) my MAC ADDRESS as he permits the connection on MAC binding..

    Shud I install Linux on my PC or if thereZ a way in Windows ...so that the admin shud not be aware from his log report and network monitoring tools about my bandwidth sucking and data download...
    I hope AO is kewl enough.....


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    You know. You can find the answer to your problem by reading your AUP (Acceptable User Policy) and the contract that you signed with your ISP. Most ISPs take a dim view to users "by-passing" the rules.

    Now that said, you should be aware that AO is about learning how hackers do what they do, not to do what they do. You wanting to "break" your ISPs rules (and, depending upon the laws of your country, the law) isn't something that is encouraged here.
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    Have you called your ISP and ask why it was capped and if you can change your bandwidth allowance i.e substitute upload for download, it has been done...

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