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Thread: Stickies on main page?

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    Stickies on main page?

    Does anyone think that adding stickies to the main page (FAQ's, how to post good guestions, this isnt a hacking help site) would benefit all the people that read the posts that are trying to be helpful? I think that may tone down all the " how do I hack my neighbors network" questions and save the people who post replies and those seeking answers time?

    Just a suggestion,what does everyone think?

    I am aware that the FAQ is listed on the main page on but its on the right. Maybe if it was in the center it would be more obvious?

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    You could have it in giant huge-ass letters and some people still wouldn't get it. .. I find that's just the nature of people.

    But it's not a bad idea. FAQs and such would be good if they were on the front page. Then people can point them out to new members and perhaps help them better.
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    Well I think they should make a special link or something but I wouldn't like stickies on the front page but somewhere easy to find. If you did that then there wouldn't be as many questions getting answered.
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    I agree with MsMittens. From my experience some people read stickies but most don't and, unfortunately, it's seems that most of the time it's the people who [i]should[/] read them who don't.
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