See what the OSI (Open Source Initiative) has to say...

The evolution of today's software industry is confusing to many people because it is proceeding in exactly the opposite direction from previous technological revolutions. Previously, the rationalization of production has been associated with movement away from decentralized cottage industry towards a factory system organized around concentrations of capital. This time, the move is away from the factory system, towards a new form of artisanship and individualism critically enabled by cheap PCs and the Internet. Thus, Linux.

This process panics companies like SCO and Microsoft who stand to lose everything if they fail to adapt, but it should not be viewed with alarm by any objective observer. What is actually happening is that the diseconomies of corporate scale are being competed out of software production the market is seeking a new and more efficient equilibrium.

SCO's complaint is only a small piece of the fallout. There will be a lot more upheaval, and wailing and gnashing of teeth and waving of legal briefs, before this process fully resolves.
So, what do u think? Tip of an iceberg?

Read the paper here.

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