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Thread: Help me some program

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    Help me some program

    In home of antionline has a tool scan my IP and my location, who design this tool can tell me how is work and can give me source?
    And in http://www.astalavista.net/new/network.php#5
    have some tool similar but can scan my system. Any body know about it?

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    Okay, man. I'm new here too, so I'm not gonna give you too much crap for this. But you're probably gonna get it pretty hard from some of the older guys. robo3245 posted this exact same thing less than a day ago on this same board. Look at his post, and you'll find your answer. http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=241482

    I'm just sayin' do some research before you post. Otherwise you're gonna get a ton of negative points.
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