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Thread: SSH FTP Help

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    SSH FTP Help


    Does anyone know of a free license/shareware FTP program that uses an SSH connection?

    I've used WinSCP but I don't like it.

    Basically, we need to upload files to our web host, but they only allow FTP browsers/explorers that use SSH.


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    jinx told me about PuTTY

    i like it so far...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    I know it's not shareware, but there is 30-day trial for SecureFX available at I personally use their whole secure line (with VShell running on one of my servers, and SecureFX for FTPing in via SSH and SecureCRT for terminal access via SSH2).


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    putty's psftp works great, I use it all the time..

    there's also a win32 ssh port from these guys that i've had great luck with in the past...
    [edit] Crap, didnt' read the site till after i hit post... the network simplicity ssh project is closing down, so if you like it get your lastest now... [/edit]

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    We are just wrapping a project lookin' at SSH. We are looking to go commerical at this point (*bleah*) to cover more OS platforms with on solution and support. The couple of sites posted look good, and for us putty worked just fine. Just in case you are interested:

    SSH company:


    These were two of the companies we looked at and were able to use full versions of the software for demo. Just another option.
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