Partition Magic, too expensive, any other software out there???
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Thread: Partition Magic, too expensive, any other software out there???

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    Partition Magic, too expensive, any other software out there???

    I'm looking to dual boot my laptop with RH/XP Pro. I was going to use partition magic to partition the hardrive into ext3 and NTFS.(this is what I should do right?). Well anywayz partition magic is a little too pricey for my wallet. Is there any other programs out there that do the similar task? If all else fails, I can use fdisk.


    Oh and if you guys have any tips or things to watch out for with my current project, let me know, I would appreciate it.


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    RH's disk druid does a nice job on partitioning. ... And there are thousands of opinions on how to partition it. I think in another thread I had put a link to the RH manual, which has nice suggestions on how to partition (visit Red Hat's site and look at documentation -- they talk about how to partition).

    Otherwise, you might find a free tool here:
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    I think i found a site that you are looking for if you want to dual boot.

    >Hope that helps.
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    This a link to a freeware program

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    Sorry never use nothing but fdisk always works for me! and maybe a calculator

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    Bootit is great, it fits on a bootdisk, and it will delete, create, or RESIZE all types of partitions. including fat32, ntfs, unix and linux partitions as well as a few diagnostic tools.. it asks you to install it on the hard drive everytime you boot it, but you dont have to, and if you do, it is shareware, and i think it expires.. I just keep a bootdisk of it and use it whenever i need it, without installing it.. just extract the zip file to a folder and run "bootitng.exe" with a floppy in the drive to make a boot disk, then boot using that.
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    I was going to ask the same question as fusion, and I was going to use Ranish. But i've realised this does NOT work with XP (NTFS Partitions) so i'll give Bootit a try

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    YOu can mail me for a copy of partition magic not the retail version but
    one which runs in dos mode and infact is the rescue disk of pm6.0
    It has the same functionality as the windows version...

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    you should be able to download it of kazaa if you have it if not goto

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    Címmon guys, lets not break the copyright law. This is a security site. If Partition magic is expensive, we always have nice people who give us the freeware.

    Well the following site offers a freeware that does the job. It is a boot master and it also comes with free partitioning tool.


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