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Thread: Should Mod chipping be illegal?

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    Should Mod chipping be illegal?

    Mod chips illegal? Apparently so. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have a history of filling lawsuits against companies which have infringed copyrights associated with their various gaming systems.

    Its no joke either. Gaming manufacturers with various government agencies are cracking down not just on copyright infringement, but also on the basic technology itself.

    Descending on mod chip manufacturers and distributors armed with seizure orders, restraining orders, and in many cases, police armed with arrest warrants.

    Do these "pirates" really deserve jail? I don't think so. I also find it sick Sony and Microsoft have been able to accelerate efforts to the point to not just shut down anyone who distributes mod chips, but also incarcerate them.

    I also find it surprising laws can silently be slipped in to power, such as the DMCA. It really is the DMCA that is to blame.

    Under the DMCA if Sony or Microsoft use a "technological measure" to protect a copyrighted work, it is illegal to attempt to circumvent the measure even if the purpose of the circumvention is not to infringe the copyright.

    Its that last little line that makes it a real kicker. You can play video CDs, MP3s or DIVX video on an X-Box with a mod chip. You can even run Linux on a Microsoft X-box. What makes mod chips illegal is the fact people can also use a mod chip to play pirate games, even if there not using mod chips to do so.

    I could see spending time and resources to hunt and convict those who make it possible for others to use their purchased hardware in any way they please, if we all were living in a utopia.

    But we are not and there are bigger things to worry about. Using law and government resources to convict mod chip distributors and help pad Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's pockets a bit more is pretty petty. Especially when theres poverty, sexual abuse, kids shooting each other, the list is really endless.

    I think any group concerned more about piracy then real world issues is way off base. I guess If piracy wasn't such a hot issue many would stand to loose allot of money.

    The RIAA wouldn't be around to protect britney spears pennies, and Microsoft wouldn't have a sales pitch for its palladium or trustworthy computing initiatives.

    I am quite surprised how so many groups, lobbyists, and hardware/software companies have allowed piracy (or what people do or don't do with their Xboxes) to consume them so much.
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    Using ModChips is in violation of the licensing terms plain and simple. Let's say you made a video game, application or hardware you were proud of and want to make a living from that. All of a sudden, you see your hard work being availble for free on boards, P2P and the web. That would make you pretty mad, wouldn't it?

    Let's take a look at this a little closer. XBox, Nintendo and Microsoft spend millions and millions of dollars, many years of research and development to bring you entertainment, productivity and yes, even bug ridden applications. The thing is, they have the right to lay out whatever terms necessary to protect intellectual property if its under lax or strict licensing terms. If we do not like the terms, we do not use it, or find something that suits us.

    Or better yet, make your own application, game, or hardware with your own terms...

    my 2c

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    To a company that sells firmware or any type of programming embedded in silicon, well, that's how they earn a living.

    The reason why Microsoft RIAA and others have allowed piracy to consume them so much is because the wayy they see it, they are losing enormous sums of money.

    There are people who argue that it is good for Microsoft or Sony if someone makes a copy of their game or CD but somehow, MSFT and Sony don't see it that way. They think it's stealing.

    You can argue all day and night about it, but that's what it is all about.

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    if you PAID for it i think you should be able to do what ever you please to it .(except modifying and then reselling)

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    There is no such thing as "intellectual property". All it means
    is, "I know something that you don't know!"
    All attempts to monopolize knowledge have been
    historically futile.

    An attempt to outlaw a modified chip is analogous to
    outlawing the proverbial "better mousetrap"
    The superior product will crush the inferior one in
    the markrtplace. Stand in the way of those stampeding
    consumers and you will be trampled.
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