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Thread: Best cd burning software

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    Best cd burning software

    Hey i would just like to know what you all think is the best burning software, i have nero 5.0 and a sony 32x writer drive and they have never worked right together i must have wasted about 50 cds that messed up in the middle of burning, any suggestions?

    Sorry i didnt see the post about burning software that was already there, no need to assign any negative anti-points.

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    I have not had any problems with Nero before, and like the software a lot. There are other burning software on the market, and I hear CDRWin is damn good too http://www.goldenhawk.com/

    Good luck

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    cdrwin is sweet i use it(the unreg version says it burns at 1x speed but burns at 4x for me ?) ,and clone cd is very good for 1:1 copys , Feurio is pretty good too and free , i think Roxio blows (and it leaves lots of crap behind after uninstall which can conflict with other progs) Audio grabber is good (perfect copy no lossy compression,it doesn't burn it just grabs) www.unitethecows.com has lots of opinions downloads and info

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    I've used Nero, but switched to Roxio Platinum, never had a problem, and if I did, I was trying to write at a bad speed, so it was my fault, not the software/hardware.

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    the blindwrite suite is supposed to be pretty good for copies, but nero is my favorite for making my own stuff.

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    Nero is by far the best burner-software IMHO
    Upgrade to nero 5.5 maybe that will fix your problem,
    Curious, is it a buffer underrun error you are getting?
    If so, it might be a number of things causing this error,
    like if there is massive disk I/O going on, this could cause you comp to not being able to push data into the burners buffer fast enough, try writing at a lower speed.
    Driver updates is also a nice thing.
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    but switched to Roxio Platinum
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    If your using a lot of Imiges / ISO's I recommend Alcohol 120%. Never seen ANYTHING like it. It will create perfect images, mount virtual drives (up to 5 at once, dvd/cd), and burn images how you want them. You can find it here:
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