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Thread: Weird things.

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    Weird things.

    Well i havn't been here that long but, it seems weird. I have been just looking at posts so far but i have seen stuff. People who ask questions it seems that there scoring major antipoints. I saw one person who had more greenies than some addicts. Can someone explain why they score so many antipoints. I just don't get it.

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    Can someone explain why they score so many antipoints. I just don't get it.
    Some members have quality posts and deserve a lot of positive antipoints. Some simply abuse the system and spread points where it is not deserved. The same goes for negs. Some get them that truly deserve them while others get them for no reason or to "balance" themselves out.

    However, this kind of thread is considered antipoint bitching, and people can ask or bitch about antipoints at http://stigmata.ins-pros.com/modules...p?forum=6&1... I have a forum just for that purpose. That way, we can leave real security dicussions here.


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    But also i was looking at posts and the people that helped them got 0 antipoints but the people who did it wrong got negged. So it seems that no one tries to give antipoints to people that helped, they just take there time to neg.

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    Antipoints are assigned as you set fit... So if you see a good post you throw positive APs at it, and if you see bad posts at it you throw negative APs at it... This is taken right form the AP section of the FAQ

    In general, users who are respected as posting userful information, being friendly, and who answer other's questions, will have a high number of AntiPoints. Users who spam, flame, harass other members, or post misleading information, will have a low or even negative number of AntiPoints.
    You'll find that while at times it seems odd but remember that people with higher titles --Addicts or Senior Members -- only post a lot more, it doesn't mean the quality of their posts is any better than people who have only posted a few times. A lot of the time you'll also take a lot of negs (Negative APs) for one bad post, yet only a few for a good post. In the end everything ends up evening itself out and it's a great way for AOers to police themselves. Just keep in mind that titles are related to quantity of posts and APs are related to quality of posts.

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    Personally I think you have to earn them, they don't just fall in your lap as you will find out.Post meaningfull,topic related,in right forum and do not wine about AP's.Respect other people and value their opinions.
    Practise what you preach.

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