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Thread: I need help about forums

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    I need help about forums

    I need help about forums. Mainly I don't know which one to get and where to get one. I need a fairly simple one that is free. Plus if any of you know a free webhost that doens't require pop ups or restrictions on bandwidth that would be great. thxs

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    Well, I would suggest phpBB for starters. The support there is great, it's easy to use, and the modifications are abundant and have great support for installation. Not to mention the tons of themes that are available, and the ease of CSS in customizing it for your own needs.


    Because it runs on PHP, you're going to limit your free hosts considerably. Host.sk does offer free hosting 50 MB, with no banners, but the databases are limited, and it may be some time before you are able to get your hands on one.

    Here is a listing of free PHP sites, ranked and listed according to their features:

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    Thank you for helping me. Until i get a the php forums you said above working I got a cheap one in place jsut befcause im impatient . If ya wanan see what I got already its at www.forgotname.tk . Thxs again for you help

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    If you need any help in setting them up and configuring them, don't hesitate to drop me a note or catch me on irc.yoursincyberspace.com

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    Thxs I wont hesitate. At the moment im talking to a guy bout transfering my webpage to his servers. If i o that ill need help with the forums.

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    I second the recommendation of using phpbb , it's free, uses PHP and Mysql, so it's really fast, lots of functionality and the are lots of mods available, plus the greate support as mentioned before.

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    Im going to fgo that route shortly. I jsut got a new host at www.seanspc.com great host and he supports php and i think mysql i forgot what he said. But After I finished changeing sum of my pages round and adding a few I'm going to need help on my php forum so I'm going to hit u up on ur offfer greek goddess. thxs and peace

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    Ok, PHPBB was suggested but.. I've got to put my 2cents in... just because
    I personaly think Invison Board (http://www.invisionboard.com/) Mainly because it works alot faster than phpBB the reason for this being that
    PHPBB uses Pear to insure Database compatiabilty with a number of databases mysql/oracle etc. where as Invison is made and optomised to work with Mysql soley, its also uses a great deal of Object Oreinated code and so its alot easier to read and modify,

    I've also found Invison Board alot easier to install to, and to main the the mysql database

    but hey thats just my 2 cents


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