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Thread: Internet Explorer Safety

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    Internet Explorer Safety

    Internet Explorer Safety

    Internet Explorer contains a wealth of embedded functionality making it extremely complicated and prone to implementation mistakes. It is widely installed and has been the focus of much vulnerability research and exploit attempts. Over the past two years, serious security related defects have been discovered in the product almost every other month. Many of these defects can be, and/or have been, exploited by maliciously crafted web pages and/or email messages and/or automated worms.

    Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as some other programs, internally use Internet Explorer to process HTML mail messages so defects in Internet Explorer also affect these products.

    When a defect is exploited, the internal security controls of the product are often bypassed. In such cases, no action is needed on the part of the computer operator to become a victim. Simply reading a malicious email message, clicking a malicious web link, or visiting a malicious web site is sufficient to turn control of the computer and all its data over to either a virus or an individual. No email attachments need to be clicked and no files downloaded from the web site.

    Because of its widespread deployment, its record of security related defects, and the instantaneous nature of world-wide Internet communications to which it connects us, it is important that Internet Explorer be properly maintained and configured in order to protect our computing assets.


    Minimum Security Measures (generally transparent)
    Minimum Internet Explorer Security Measures
    Minimum Outlook/Outlook Express Email Handling Security
    Additional Security Measures (may result in usage problems)
    Optional Outlook/Outlook Express Email Handling Security
    Optional Internet Explorer Security Measures
    Explanation of Security Measures


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    I have IE safety: I use Netscape. Teehee.

    I gave up on IE with all the bindings to the kernel and the "let's make it easier for the user" crap. One of my biggest peeves about MS is their desire to make everything easier for the user (they sound like McDonald's sometimes). Why not make the user do a little work? It can't hurt and it won't make it easier for the script kiddies to abuse.
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    It's not their desire to make things easier - it's that in the end, they ultimately make things harder. That's the problem with MS.
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