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    getting confused with php

    i'm trying to create a logon script for my final project. The site is based on an apache web server and oracle 8. All i want the script to do is check the users name and password match, and check whether the user has activated the account or not (by way of an activation code sent to their e-mail address, only needed first time they log on.)

    At the moment the script runs with no errors, but no matter whether the user i enter exists or not it says that they don't.

    As you'll see at the bottom of the script i have put some test print statements and only the last two provide an output (user_name1 and password1 are the two entries that the user puts in)

    also inside the while i have put two prints to make sure that i'm getting a result from my db query, and i do. infact it is the correct output. the value that i get for X is the same as for the password the user enters (assuming the user exists). So i think that the problem is with my if statements. Maybe wrong syntax or just in the wrong order. I am relatively new to php and this is the first time i've used it for anything big.

    at the moment if the user and password are correct the script only prints a line saying that, i just want to get it working before i try to link it in properly.

    Any help would be much appreciated



    i have changed the putenv statement and logon user and password, incase you were wondering. I think that if you just change the extension to .phps then you can view it more easily in your browser. cheers

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    If anyone did have a look cheers, but i've figured it out now, it was just some simple equality operators that i was getting confused with as you do at the end of a long programming session
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