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Thread: Apache variables

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    Apache variables

    Hello. I have an apache server on my linux system (Redhat) that I'm trying to use as a personal wev serve rto try out PHP scripts, but between a html form and the .php file that processes the data, the variables are lost somewhere and they do not show up. This apache server is the same one that is installed onto Redhat when I first installed Red Hat. Thanks.

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    ok, ehum.. your post kind of confusded me, so im going to take a wild guess and at least give you a rough answer, if im wrong dont shout at me

    sounds to me like, your PHP varabiles arent showing up,
    and im guessing thats because your assuming, Globals are turned on, so say if
    you've got an input thats
    <input type=text name=name value=wispy>
    if you submited that $name should contatin wispy but it wont, if the vars are turned off.. this isnt really a bad thing

    now if your using POST as your Method the varaible with the data would be

    if you where using GET as your method the varaible with the data would be

    so try that to see if its solved your problem


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