I have just recently started having problems. I have 2 computers on my network, not running domain, both are connected to the same workgroup called "WORKGROUP" (go figure).
They are connected on my linksys router
One is wireless and one is wired
One was in the DMZ while the other was not.
Just recently I installed Tiny personal Firewall onto the DMZ computer so that I wouldnt be subject to attacks and hack and the such.

I have two shares on each computer and a printer share on the dmz computer.
Now after the install of the firewall and I gave full trust to both IPs whenever I try to connect to the other computers share a box pops up that wants login information, the only problem is that it defaults to the guest account and grays it out so I cant change the account and then asks for a password. well i have my guest accounts disabled so no matter what I do it will not give me access to the other drive

What I have tried:
I tried disabling the firewall, taking the computer out of the DMZ, wiring the wireless connection and none of these have worked.

I would appreciate it if someone could let me know if there was something I was missing or a reason why this will not work. I would like to either enable myself to login as any account or not have to worry about authenticating anymore.

Edit: After all the info I gave you I forgot I run windows XP pro on the wired and Windows XP home on the wireless