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    If you've got Checkpoint Firewall-1..read this

    This applies to anyone running Checkpoint Firewall-1 VPN-1.

    The syslog facility (introduced in FP3 for NG) is open to denial of service attacks, maximising CPU usage on the firewall and thereby shutting off service.

    See the following Check Point link for additional information:

    In order to protect against this vulnerability, you need to install NG FP3 HotFix 2 - you'll need to go to the Check Point Software Subscriptions Download section to get the code.

    I warn all of you Enterprise admins...this is one patch you really cant afford to miss.

    Ps. Out of interest who still prefers checkpoint v4.1??

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    I actually prefer NG to 4.1...

    4.1 is a pain in the ass to search for objects etc...I have also found NG more stable than 4.1

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