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Thread: Web Server Available

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    Wink Web Server Available


    After months of begging borrowing stealing.

    I have magnaged to get my home web server up and running.

    If anyone wants anything hosted give me a shout and we can work out how much its
    going to cost in ciggarettes and pizza.

    Http:// Ftp:// Pop3 SMTP All available now.

    Anyone wanting anything hosted give me a shout.

    Also will be needing help to test for exploits.

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    well to cos me givin out for ur pizza`s and cigarrate its in about $500 us. why? because im out
    of your sea.. im at overseas ( Malaysia ) and that mean i can`t procceed ur request and even can get close to ur offers im just happy to reply you back sir.. ahehehe.. sorry for bothering anonying reply..
    yours sincerly
    ++Buduman admin@gomo.org

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