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Thread: AP Ethics 101

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    Lightbulb AP Ethics 101

    For those who have been watching, you may have noticed the thread War Has Started has become rather heated. But everybody is free to voice their own opinions.

    My concern, (after returning from a 6 month break) is that if you post comments contrary to somebodyelse's post, you get negative APs for your opinion.

    Used to be that the Cosmos was entirely free from AP assignments (but I think that was more of a practiced policy rather than a programmed policy) so members were free to post and speake their minds wihout fear of being neg'ed to death and thereby banned and censored from the site.

    "03-21-2003 07:24 AM the agression won't stop moron
    03-19-2003 10:38 PM American Propaganda at it's best "

    Moron? Yeah you're tough hiding behind a CRT, weilding a small amount of neg APs...
    American propaganda? Well, you're bound to get a lot of cultural bias in an international community - get used to it or go away.

    I have read all of the posts in the thread and have agreed with very few. I have not assigned any APs for any of the posts. Even to those who may attack my positions.

    I'd just like to remind people that the Cosmos is supposed to be an area for members to speek freely about events they care about. Not for censorship by those who don't agree.

    APs were meant for (If I interpreted JP's intention correctly), awarding those who contibute to the community in the sense of security discussions, assistance to members, tutorials, etc., not their invididual beliefs.

    -Nuff said...

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    The problem there is now Specter6 is that the AP system rules AO with an iron fist if some one disagrees with what you say you get negs hell you get negs with no comments too now. Well untill jupiter media get rid of the AP system or find a way to moderate it you will get negs for the stupidest of things just sit back and laught at it AP's are worthless here now anyways chill dude
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