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    Cool creating cool websites with flash and any questions u hav to ask abut that

    this is rsnd
    this fourm is about how to create a website with flash

    which is a good topic. Thats why i choose it

    I am gon eteach u how to create websites with flash

    1st tutorial
    u just do it

    if u want a much more detailed tutorial, use this thread to ask questions and i belive by that way everyone can share
    For example of a simple site
    visit http://finish.at/thetruth

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    This thread is a little misleading. I realize that whenever you begin something new to "just do it", but I'm sure people who are stumbling upon this thread thought that maybe there was some insight on how to create basic things using flash.

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    that is absolutely right

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    Yeah I agree its miss leading. Instead of saying how to create a website wit flash u should of put it as a question or put up a tutorila on how u made ur site wit flash. jsut not check it out. im not raggin on u jsut stateing.

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