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    MY webpage

    Hi I'm jsut posting this to help get my webpage going. I jsut started it and it needs a lil more gas so to speak. My friedns are being great and really helping me. I have 2 main reasons y im posting this. 1st is I need fresh set of opinions really. I jsut started it and I'm stil int he process of changeging a lot one is the main page. If yo go to my site please don't comment on it because I know I have to change it. But please email or IM at forgotname8 to tell me anything that would look better changed. 2nd is I have a forum that needs people. And I'm having trouble getting the word out about it and I want a ideas to be flowing on them. So if your interested in posting on it jsut go right ahead. It would help me out a lot. Thanks for taking the time to read this and a special thxs if you jsut go and see what my site is bout.


    and if its down due to my bandwidth restrictions...the main reason y im moving my page to a a better webhost my forum is at:
    Thank you!!!

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    You web page appears to be down. Check out mine -->

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    Nice website...Mines back up it went through sum changs yesterday. I changed host's Heres one great host.... www.seanspc.com the prices for space and bandwidth are unbelievable. for 3 bucks u get 250mb a space and 10gb of bandwidth. Well enough bout that i really enjoyed ur site..i jsut glanced at it but its bookmarked. I'm trying to make my site into a site lieks urs sum day but im jsut beginning. If you got any pointers or suggestions I would gladly take them into acount. Peace

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