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    Question antipoints

    is it just me or do ppl love to give more negative antipoints then positive... i havent done anything that deserves positive points but it seems like u hav to move heaven and earth to get results but if u say 1 wrong word ur screwed.......just my opnion does anyone agree with me?if not i dont care

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    I will let you know that complaining or worrying about your Antipoints will get you more negs than you can count, on the other hand just posting useful information will get you the recognition and respect from the other members. The key is worthwhile useful posts, tutorials and so forth something you may want to think about
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    Best advice you'll ever get here: Don't worry about it. If you're here to earn antipoints and be part of a neverending popularity contest, you're here for the wrong reasons. If you're here to learn and share your knowledge with other people, it doesn't matter what color the dots or how many of them are next to your name if your posts are good.

    It will all come in good time.

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