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Thread: I Need Some G-damn Info....

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    I Need Some G-damn Info....

    i need to find some info on a person, i have the info needed to get started on this simple lil project.. if anyone can help me please let me know imeadiatly, or for you simple minded people ASAP!!!!! twizted_49

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    Well insulting us won't really get the ball going for us to want to help you.
    or for you simple minded people ASAP
    Try the 411 sites on the internet. If that doesn't work, there are people locator software (like a detective software) that you can get (or access to a certain site that works the same way.)

    (ie: US Search.com, AbleFinder.com, or National Locator Services.com)

    Just do a search on google.com with the words "people locator" or something similar.

    Thats about all I can tell you

    (Unless you want to hire a dick)

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    I agree with tyger_claw, your not going to get the information that away.

    But if your willing to pay for a subscription...

    Try this.


    It's the one us people use in the newspaper business to dig up all the juicy details on people.
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    ok im sorry for insulting you all..... really.. but the thing is i dont want to pay the service b/c i only want to use it one time.. it's very important to me..! now can you all help me...? i dont want to pay for something i am only going to use once, espeacially when it costs $30-$100 dollors for one time use....

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