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Thread: Times Like This Make Me Appreciate...

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    Cool Times Like This Make Me Appreciate...

    Hey there all,

    What with war brimming over in Iraq, economies not being the best they ever were, etc., I have many reasons to be negative or at least, have a negative outlook towards the future, yet I do not.

    Many would call me a fool, or perhaps blind to what's going on, but I must argue this. I am able to live in a house and a bedroom that I can decorate as I choose with what I choose. I am in a place where I can walk outside and am just as likely to see the sun as I am the rain, the snow, all of the different flavors of the weather spectrum. My various tastes be they of food or music are all readily accessible to me, not to mention the plethora of information available via the magic of the Internet.

    I can wear what I like, think what I like, and to a majoritive sense, do what I like, as long as it doesn't harm me or someone who would require protection from those looking to harm them. I can sleep in a warm bed, I can work and play with whom I choose and build my life to very precise specifications.

    With the men and women over in Iraq and across the globe, fighting for my ability to do this, for the priviledge to do this, I feel very honored. Honored to have those fighters working for this way of life. It makes me feel secure to know so many who don't even know me would fight for what makes me smile. Thank you to all of you who fight to make tomorrow better and brighter and thanks to you, for allowing me this moment of your time to tell you why I appreciate the things I do. Hopefully, this has helped you to appreciate the things you do a bit more and put a smile on your face.
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    I feel so blessed in where I live. I am with you all the way. We are aloud to do anything pretty much. We all need to be thankful for what we have because you never know when it could bee all gone.

    God has blessed us all!!!!!!!!!!
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