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Thread: Ram question ( Didn't know where to post it )

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    I don't believe it's a problem of wrong placed ram sticks, this would just blank your screen and halt the power on self test with some beeps

    It's possible that you need to place ram in pairs. Like 2x128 and 2x64. Do you have the manual of your motherboard?

    No? The best thing you can do is look at your motherboard, read out the model number and make, and search google for it using that number (or directly go to the manufacturers website, changes are you will find the manual for your board in 2 seconds. In that manual you will see the compatibility. Some boards do not accept certain memory sticks.

    Are you sure all memory sticks are at same speed, type, ... ? (like said above)

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    Gee techtech, you're older then you look

    what techtech is referring to is the old days ( about three or four years, but a lifetime in computing ) when tests were constantly being conducted on systems to balance the amount of memory ( expensive then ) and the performance gains. Most of them showed large increases in performance up to 128 megs, the curve then slowed up toward 192, then flattened or started downward. ( This by the way was after the days of the early Pentium boards that could only cache 64 megs ).

    Memory issues seem to be relative with time.

    avdven; the 512 limit with Win98 was not necessarily a hardware issue, but a Microsoft issue concerning the 512 meg limits: see

    Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 253912

    apollovega; Und3ertak3r has some good advice. also, make sure the contacts are clean, and the memory was not fried by careless handling, you don't mix ECC and non-ECC, etc.
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    Sould like you need to update you Bios .
    I think If it was a bad ram you would get a Beep Beep Beep . {could have it mixed up with the vedio}
    But Maybe try a new stick ????


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    Re: Ram question ( Didn't know where to post it )

    Originally posted here by apollovega
    He told me that there really is no limit to how much ram you have unless your computer starts smoking
    i don't think i saw anyone else touch on this, but motherboards do have a limit to how much RAM they can have on them. newer systems generally have support for 2-3 GB of RAM, but i guess the chances of you actually getting that much RAM is slim to nil, so it basically is like you can support as much as you can stuff in there.

    i don't know what the specs are like for olders motherboards, though, because i didn't know as much about computers when they were in production
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    Und3rtak3r -- "1/ The Clock rating of the ram.. PC66, PC100, PC133 ( this normaly causes other issues)"

    Good call...I was just about to suggest that, as it seems to be the problem...

    Apollovega...did you check this factor before buying the RAM wafer? Generally, in a P2/P3 system, you'll need a PC133, non-DDR SDRAM wafer, and definately not RDRAM.
    The result in installing an 'overpowered' RAM wafer will be that the system attempts to downclock to match the speed of the RAM, resulting in either a complete slowdown or the ignoring of the new wafer altogether.

    Check to see that you didn't get overzealous and buy the 'newest and best' in RAM wafers...not all systems can handle it.

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    One thing I know for sure is that I have a celeron333 and I have two dims, one is a 64meg and the other 32meg and when you try to add a 32meg sim-72pin it does not want to accept it.It only shows the two dims.And another thing is that the system will accept the lowest clock speed of the two dims.That is as far as I can remember.I run a dual boot system with XP Professional and 98.Hope it helps.

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    mixing dimms and simms is not reccomended, ive never had them work in unison, and most MB manuels i have read tel lyou not to mix the two. thats prolly your problem right there

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    i believe both adven and techtech are right. with win9x you'll not notice the differance but once you get other apps running then the differance shows.

    i wouldnt flash the bios if i were you except as a last resort. the trouble is more than likely with the 64meg stick. get another 128 and through it in.
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    You can only add so much ram ...... Look at your spec on your motherboard ....

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