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Thread: Network Peripheral Scanner

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    Question Network Peripheral Scanner

    Hey, everyone. One of my clients is having trouble with all of his network printers. His previous network administrator was fired last week, and he locked out the server so I can't access the DHCP table. We were planning on upgrading the server anyway, but I need the IP addresses of each printer so I can access their JetDirect cards to set them up on the new domain. I don't want to reset all of the printers, though. Does anyone know of any network scanners which can tell me what each network client is (whether it's a printer, a workstation, a scanner, etc.)? I know I can just go to each printer and set them up manually, but I'd rather do it remotely through their respective web interfaces. I've searched google and I haven't found any utilities which do exactly what I'm looking for. I appreciate any suggestions you have.


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    Cheops might be good if you're using *nix. What OS do you want to do the scans from? Alternatively, you could scan with Nmap, one of the best Active scanners around. It has pretty good OS detection. Fyodor released version 3.2 recently and it should be able to do the trick. You can scan full networks with it by putting in as the target network address/subnet bits (e.g.,
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    Depending on the types of printers you have...

    Most manufacturers have a discovery tool.

    Lexmark has a pretty good one that will scan the network for Lexmarks.
    HP aslo has one that will identify each jetdirect card.

    They should have been included with the package when you bought the printers.


    You can get them at no charge form the manufacturer's site.

    Very easy to use and give you the mac and ip address along with share name and other info.

    A lot of the newer printers can be configured using a web browser....


    Hopefully he didn't password protect them....

    Here is a link to HP printer discovery docs and how they work.
    Here is a link to the MarkVision utility which scans the network for lexmark network printers.

    I don't know why someone would use DHCP for printers though... I have a block of IPs for printers and they are assigned by static addresses. It is much easier to diagnose problems from your desk using the web interface than running all over the building(s) to find out that someone is out of toner or has a paper jam.

    EDIT one last time:
    THIS is what you are looking for.


    Remote installation, configuration, and management of HP Jetdirect-connected print servers, non-HP printers that support the Standard Printer MIB, and printers with embedded Web servers Alerts and consumables management. Remote firmware upgrades for HP Jetdirect print servers Asset tracking and utilization analysis.

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    As far as I know, they're not password protected (I've already accessed one). The plan was, as you stated, phishphreek, to change all of the settings via their web interfaces, such as you showed. All of the printers are HP printers, with built-in JetDirect cards. Also (which I intended to state above, but forgot), I'm doing the scanning via Windows (though, if I can't find a good tool for Windows, I'll probably end up bringing a laptop with Linux on it). I'll check the HP site to see if I can find something, phishphreek. I would use the software that was included with the printers, the problem is, no one knows where any of the driver CDs are (we know where all of the software is, but there's no sign of the driver discs)


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    Originally posted here by avdven
    I would use the software that was included with the printers, the problem is, no one knows where any of the driver CDs are (we know where all of the software is, but there's no sign of the driver discs)


    That was going to be my suggestion..

    If you can't find a utility to do this for you, try downloading all the install software, driver CD's, etc via the website of the manufacturer.. Then, you'd have the original software (everything that would have come in the box) and you can run through the setup just like normal, which after a few steps, should produce a list of the network printers and their addresses. I don't know of a specific util that will do this for you, but if one is found that would sure be helpful to me as well.. A few weeks ago I had a little fun with a JetDirect card and could have used a util similar to the one you are describing..

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    Cheops-NG (Next Generation) is also available.


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