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    Fun server naming schemes

    Hi everyone,
    I am in the process of building an entirely new network infrastructure including a file/print/domain server, exchange server, mail gateway server, and fax server. I'm stuck on what I should use for a server naming scheme. I don't want to go with the old boring companyname1, or exchange1 type naming... I want to do something more fun than that. The best ideas that I've heard so far are greek god names (eg. Zeus for the domain server, Hermes for the exchange server...) or animal sounds for a server farm (eg. oink, moo, woof...) What are your ideas?
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    Definately stay away from things like exchange1, etc. as you are giving away information about the server/workstation. Stupidest name I ever saw was SeansWKNT4SP6. I didn't even have to run nmap to see what it was.

    Anyways, some ideas:

    - characters in your fav sci fi show (Babylon 5, Enterprise, DS9, Battlestar Galatica)
    - winners of Best Picture Awards
    - fav artists/bands
    - Simpson/Futurama/The Family Guy/South Park/etc. characters.
    - towns/cities/countries'
    - fav AO handles
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