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Thread: Really Hidden Files (for XP only)

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    To get the the directory you can use the following steps: (even if you are not logged in as an Adminstrator):

    1. Click on Start
    2. Click on Run
    3. Type CMD
    4. Press Enter
    5. From the command window you should switch to a C:\> prompt and then run the following command:

    cd "Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"

    **NOTE: You will need to replace <username> with your actual username.

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    That is so f***ed up man........ I can't beleive this. It is totally invasion of privacy. I am going to delete all of them. Thank you.

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    Just another reason to run linux hehe
    Good Grief

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    If I'm right it says that I have about 25 GB (yes 25 gigabytes) Used on my hard drive for these files. At least I have a 80GB HDD.

    Thanks for the info

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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80

    Another FYI-
    In Win2k and XP... you can use
    cd My*
    to pull the first My whatever folder
    or cd pro*
    to pull the program files folder
    I think that this is just pattern-matching with the CD command. You could also do "cd *m*docu*ents* and it would take you there...

    And you can also try using TAB to autocomplete a file or directory name in the current directory. If you hit tab multiple times it will cycle through all of the possibilities that start with what you had before you pressed tab.
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    wow terr is around, hey terr long time no forum abusage j/k

    nice tut cross

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    I am up on this from some hours now and I came up with the conclusion that even if you delete all of those files from your computer, it still doesn't make any difference unless you delete a folder called Index DAT.File. Which is imposssible to delete. And it is keep on polluting your computer unless you delete this specific file. You can open this folder with notepad and modify it and save it, but again you cannot change it even though you delete all the coding inside it and save the folder as empty, it re-generate all of its code with the web sites and the movements you did over the internet. So in short no matter how many times you delete those hidden files and folders, Microsoft still is going to spy on you untill you delete that specific folder. Any thoughts how to delete it.

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    i knew about this way before but thought it was not that much important, i used another
    method that is lot easier than yours at least i think so,here it is :
    1)find the folder [rootdrive]:\documents and settings\[user]\local settings\
    2)now copy any of the folders you want(History or Temporary internet files)and paste it in another location
    3)open the file

    no need for using commandprompt

    tanx anyway

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    Something for xp users. rather than type a complet path there is a power toy from windows that will cmd prompt from here.

    Saves the fingers a bit
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    I use xp and after viewing the the hidden files and show all files etc, the content ie5 directory is already listed in temp internet files. Can't understand why you have to go through all that just to view this folder. Am i missing something or what?
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